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For the past ten years, we have been customers of other SEO agencies and run a number of different e-commerce sites ourselves, which is exactly why we know what the market requires and we know what you as a customer want.

We drive more visits to your website!

With us as a strategic partner, you are investing in profitable SEO marketing that provides long-term results. We help you make your site visible, so that new customers can more easily find you in the search results on Google. Search engine optimisation is an important part of every company’s marketing and search engines are largest marketing channel there is. With a higher ranking, visitors find your site and you get new business without having to buy traffic with ads. We know how to do it and have the tools to achieve your goals!

Our Services

Keyword Optimisation - Mamba ©

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a natural part of every business’s marketing. Let us help you climb on Google and reach the position you need for your business.

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Every customer is unique and therefore SEO optimisation is a skill that is very personal. Mamba never works with customers in the same industry at the same time. We love the challenge of search engine optimisation and are at least as happy when you as a customer climb in the rankings as you. We are simply a group of real nerds who love statistics! How does Mamba SEO work and what sets us apart from everyone else? Well, we’ll tell you about that below. 🙂

How does Keyword Optimisation work?

It’s pretty easy to describe actually. Together with you, we develop the best keywords for your business and then optimise your page for them. When this is done, we start the work of keyword linking your keywords. We have a large network of companies and bloggers who link to your page and as a result you get good quality links to your pages and you start to rank higher on Google. These are not so-called “full links” but genuine bloggers who actually write and publish an article for your keywords. Three really good links can be much more valuable than 300 bad links.


Brand Design & Strategy

Not having a content strategy when building a new website is like letting all the text and media go straight into the trash and switching it to “Blah blah blah…”. Read more about how we help companies.

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Digital media marketing can sometimes be very confusing and that is where we come in! Based on your expectations, we can help you form a strategy and a media strategy tailored to your business. Mamba © Strategy helps you streamline your marketing in all digital channels. Through our many years of experience in digital marketing and ongoing analysis of media marketing, we can offer professional media strategies with a clear focus on results. By choosing us, you will have a dedicated project manager working with our team of experts.


To strategically increase visibility

We set up a strategically adapted action plan for you and your website. We develop proposals for media, design and campaigns that will make you and your company stand out among your competitors.

Mamba © Analytics

Let us take care of the analysis of your competitors and the market as a whole and give you and your company updated results and statistics daily. excellent

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We have some customers who only want help to interpret and read their visitor statistics. With our own tools, in addition to Google Analytics, we can offer a much more detailed analysis of your visitors’ behaviour. By using us and Mamba © Analysis, we can more easily locate errors and shortcomings that lead to you losing visitors or customers. We can fix these and create more opportunities for your customers. Where on your website are they leaving? Where are they clicking or not clicking?

Analyse more

When we analyse your website, we can quickly see where action and changes are needed. We work closely with you and come up with simple suggestions and improvements to attract your customers more and to give you more sales.

Copywriting - Mamba © CONTENT

Let us help you create driving and professional content on your website, presentation or other media. Our talented employees know what images and language work best.

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Helping our customers with SEO is largely about reviewing the content that the customer has on their website. In order for Google or any other search engine to be able to find your page and rank it well, GOOD content is needed (preferably better than your competitors). In many cases, the customer already has content on their site, but in just as many cases, it is not optimised for search engines. This is a fine line but very important because search engines index (read) your website and read it differently than a real visitor. It is simply a matter of using the right words and marking certain words so that they stand out and differ from all other text.

Mamba Content Marketing

We have extensive experience in creating excellent content and we know what search engines like. When you hire us, we will help to create or change your already existing content to what search engines are looking for. We have talented writers who, together with you, produce content that suits both your visitors and search engines. We often develop a kind of campaign to raise public awareness and thus create a “buzz” about your new content. It could be a YouTube video or an advert on Facebook that attracts many visitors and often leads to your visitors either linking directly to the campaign or your entire page. One of the best ways to get the search engines to like your page, is to show many links to your page.

Mamba © Conversion

We work with several companies to convert visitors into customers and drive engagement and sales. We handle everything from analysis to testing. We’ll set up a strategy to achieve the best conversion for you.

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By analysing your traffic you have on your website we can understand how visitors behave when they enter your site. Conversion optimisation allows us to adjust the website to make sure that you get the right visitors in the right place. We make small but important changes that have a big effect. For example, it may be as simple as a button needs to be moved or made clearer. We’ll help ensure that the customer’s journey and experience is seamless.


Convert more!

We count every visitor to your website as a potential customer – so it should be easy to contact, register or make a purchase. This can be by attracting the visitor with a campaign or an offer. With Mamba © Convert you get the following: analysis, implementation of analysis tools, layout proposals for new design, A/B tests and much more to convert all your visitors into loyal customers.

Mamba © Keyword Analysis

Do you need to know which keywords to work with? We have the right tools and knowledge to find out which keywords work for you and those that don’t.   excellent

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Planning and deciding which keywords you and your company should work with may seem easy. Companies usually think they know their industry best. BUT are those the keywords that people search for the most? It often turns out that this is not the case and that may be why you do rank as highly on search engines as you should. The keywords that the public searches for in different industries may differ from week to week and that is why we started the service Mamba © Planner.

Keyword planning

We help you analyse the search results on all the major search engines and capture the strongest keywords for your industry at that time. As previously mentioned, in some industries it can change from week to week and it is important to keep up in order to be competitive. If you work, for example, with renting cars in Stockholm, perhaps the strongest keyword this week is not “Rental car in Stockholm” but “Rental car Stockholm”. It’s a minor difference but it’s not uncommon for there to be hundreds, sometimes thousands, of searches on those two different search terms which can make a major difference. Let us help you find your strongest keywords.

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Today, 97% people search on Google before or after a purchase and this is where Mamba© comes into the picture. We help you to be found more easily, either organically by SEO optimisation to make you appear on the first page or by paid advertising (Mamba © AdWords).

Mamba© An accurate SEO Company!

Mamba© was founded over 10 years ago and we are a by a bunch of nerds who never got tired of developing or inventing new solutions. Not much has changed! We love statistics and in recent years have focused a lot on search engine optimisation, which is very much based on interpreting your statistics and seeing results after analysis of your market. We’ve also helped many companies with Google AdWords. Today we are a team of over 7 people who work closely with our customers and we always want to create a friendly relationship with the customers and that is why we do not take in more customers than we can handle. That is, we do not work according to quantity but quality..
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